Big Tree Organic Farms is an organic almond marketing cooperative founded in 1998 by a handful of pioneering organic almond growers. Since our establishment, we have grown into one of the largest suppliers worldwide of California grown organic almonds.

At Big Tree Organic Farms, we are united by our belief that growing organic is key to the future of our farms, our communities, and our planet. Our grower owners produce a delicious product, while keeping their land free of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and other chemicals. By working together, and being part of a cooperative, Big Tree Organic Farms' growers are able to benefit not only environmentally, but also economically.

Big Tree Organic Farms almonds are delivered to major manufacturing companies, distributors, health food stores, Grocery Cooperatives and individual families throughout the United States and internationally. With increasing recognition of the health benefits of almonds and the growth of the organic market, the demand for our farm-direct almonds rises every season.

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