Welcome to Big Tree Organic Farms

Founded in 1998, we are a California-based organic almond marketing cooperative owned by organic almond growers. Big Tree Organic Farms is one of the largest suppliers worldwide of California grown organic almonds.

We produce almonds and almond products that are USDA Certified Organic and Certified Kosher by EarthKosher. We grow, harvest, and process all our products with careful consideration of sustainability and environmental stewardship, believing that the most delicious products are the ones closest to nature.

Big Tree Organic Farms isn't just like any other almond supplier. We believe in farmers working together; that is why we are a cooperative. We care for our environment, our land, and our future; that is why we are organic. We are different, we are special; and we pride ourselves on staying that way.

Find out more about Big Tree Organic Farms and why organic farming is important to the future of our land, our community, and our planet: