Why Co-Op?

Big Tree Organic Farms isn't like other almond suppliers. We believe that growers benefit from working together, and that caring for our environment is everyone's responsibility. By operating as an organic cooperative, we all profit.

Cooperatives are member-focused businesses that differ from traditional companies in some important ways:

  • Co-ops are owned and controlled by their members. The people who use the co-op's services-not outside investors-democratically decide how the business is run.

  • Membership in a co-op is voluntary and open.

  • Members of a co-op elect their own leaders from within their ranks.

  • Revenues return to members based on use of the co-op, not according to their investment or ownership.

  • Co-ops are motivated only by how well they meet their members' needs.

  • Co-ops acknowledge their place in the community and work to support it. 

Membership with Big Tree Organic Farms gives growers some essential tools for success over operating independently or selling to a large cooperation:

  • BTOF gives its grower owners clout in the marketplace; cooperative marketing allows us to maintain sustainable prices and keep grower owner returns our top priority.

  • BTOF prioritizes growing, harvesting, and selling in a manner consistent with organic practices and environmental consciousness.

  • BTOF provides organic farming education, training, and expert information to its growers and the community through seasonal workshops.

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