Why Organic?

You know that Big Tree Organic Farms is an organic almond marketing cooperative, but what does it mean to be organic and why is it so important?

Simply put, organic means natural, the way nature intended.

As organic farmers, we believe that growing our crops naturally is better for our families, our community, and our planet. We take care not to contaminate the water, air, or almonds we provide to our customers with any synthetic residues. We consistently strive to deliver clean and highly nutritious foods to people throughout the world.

We are Certified Organic because we do not use any pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, or irradiation on our crops or our fields. We follow strict guidelines set by both national and international organic standards for the methods, practices, substances, and handling procedures used for our organic almonds.

At Big Tree Organic Farms, we also follow strict conversion procedures to transition land from conventional to organic crops. Almond farmers, who choose to convert, must follow all the national organic standards through two full harvests before their third harvest may earn the designation Certified Organic. Our "transitional" almonds are the product of trees that are still in their conversion period.

Organic isn't always easy, but we believe that it is worth it to ensure that our environment and our almonds are safe and healthy now and in our future.

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