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About BTOF

Welcome! Big Tree Organic Farms is an organic almond company that proudly grows and manufactures organic almonds and almond products. Based out of Turlock, in the heart of California's central valley, we are surrounded by not only many beautiful almond orchards, but all different types of agriculture. We pride ourselves on finding and sharing the most high-quality, delicious and fresh organic almonds and almond products. 

Our almonds and almond products are CCOF Certified Organic and Certified Kosher by Earth Kosher. We process all our products with careful consideration of sustainability and environmental stewardship, believing that the most delicious products are the ones closest to nature.

We care for our environment, our land, and our future, that is why we are organic! We believe sustainability is built on relationships - the relationship between us and our growers; the relationship between us and our customers; and the relationship between all of us and our environment. 

BTOF Organic Roasted Diced Almonds
BTOF Organic Almond Farm

Here's what some of our customers have to say:



Jessica from Chicago, IL

“I am so happy I was able to find [BTOF's] Almond Meal. It is so difficult to find quality ingredients in the supermarket and I know that [BTOF] maintains the quality I desire in my organic ingredients. I look forward to many more products!”

Susan from Sante Fe, NM


“Delicious almonds (we buy the organic blanched for almond meal and almond butter). Topped only by the terrific customer service!”

Beth from Troy, NH

“These [sliced almonds] are not only delicious, but the slice is perfect! Not too thin and not too fat. I have already used them in salads, snacks and baked goods.”

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