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Smoothies are the perfect way to get a boost of energy and a ton of nutrients all in one drink! Whether you want to drink it post-workout, as a midday snack, or just to cool down on a warm day- this simple and tasty smoothie is just perfect!

1. Grab your blender or single serving smoothie maker.

2. Get your ingredients together:
- BTOF roasted diced almonds or substitute with 2 big spoonfuls of our roasted almond butter
- 1 banana
- handful of rinsed strawberries (or frozen)
- handful of blueberries (fresh or frozen)
- small handful spinach leaves
- one part organic fruit juice (we like orange mango)
- one part organic almond milk 

3. Blend all ingredients together. If you're not using frozen fruit, you may want to add some ice at this point to make it colder and thicker.

5. Pour into a glass, sprinkle some more diced almonds on top to add texture, add a straw, sit back and enjoy the taste and the health benefits!



The Perfect Smoothie Recipe | Big Tree Organic Farms
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